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I’m a human-centred designer, consultant and founder of Studio FundiI specialise in projects that combine visual communication and behavioural design. I'm particularly interested in healthcare and design that makes a difference.

About Me

Using my interdisciplinary background in the humanities and graphic design I specialise in research-based projects at the intersection of visual communication and behavioural economics.


Through my work I aim to solve problems, change behaviour, democratise information and communicate big ideas. 


I am an alumna of the University of Cape Town and Royal College of Art. Currently, I commute between London and Johannesburg.

In 2021, I founded Studio Fundi and launched FebriSol (patent protected), the company’s flagship product, to increase treatment adherence to chronic medication. 

I've worked with: Digital Planet, Abbvie, Cipla, Gilead Sciences, The University of Cape Town, Mest Africa, Yes4Youth, PEN South Africa, Cult Health, The Liminal Space, The Gautrain and more.

Watch my TEDx Talk “Simple, not sexy. Designing for the Developing World.”

This is a deep dive into the design process behind the success of FebriSol. I talk about how designing a product that is cheap, accessible, low-tech and scalable can create greater treatment adherence and improve public health outcomes. 

The talk demonstrates how a fusion of behaviour design and visual communication rooted in simplicity can transcend cultures and become universally actionable, for good.

Talks & Press

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